Monday, February 16, 2009

A Safer Baby Wash

I'm sickened by the ingredients that are added to our baby's products. There are so many parts of being a parent that are out of my control, that I must do what I can do keep my girls safe. You can read more about how most baby products out on the market now are unsafe, just by googling "safe baby wash". You can also see how your current product scores on the safety list at the Skin Deep website.

I was on a quest for a reasonably priced "safer" product line as well as one that I could buy at a brick and mortar instead of paying shipping fees. I came across the California Baby line, that you can find at your local Whole Foods Market. I purchased the lavendar scent which has a safety number of "2". The sensitive skin formula is rated even better at "1". The large pump was about $20, and should last me a very long time. The tiniest bit goes very far. The essential oils have a wonderful spa-like smell that isn't too overpowering. I am really happy with the shampoo, lotion and SPF.


  1. maybe i will try this, ethans skin is so sensitive.
    kelly loney

  2. This is our baby wash for Morgan and Liam. I've used this product since Morgan was a baby because she had exzema - it is the best! Their Calendula cream is really good too.

    Also, Cetaphil is also highly recommended by dermatologists. We use that occasionally too.